Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Crossing the Road

Complex environmental circumstances such a a road crossing can be daunting for the sighted let alone those suffering from low vision or blindness.  Impaired ability to anticipate potential dangers such as a vehicle out of control as well restrictions with regards to mobility make roads a dangerous place to be for the sight-impaired. 

Here are tips written by a visually impaired individual:


When you approach the traffic lights and you can’t see where they are, just follow the sound of the beepers.  Feel with your fingers which way is the arrow is pointing.

Put your hand onto the button and your elbow bent and slightly take a step back away from the pole. Get into the correct position with your feet and shoulders so you can walk in a straight line.

The beepers start off soft with one beep and gets louder with the beeps then when it is safe to cross the road it gives loud short quick beeps.

Green walking man is minimum of 6 seconds and flashing red man is for clearance is 1.2 seconds

If the auto beepers aren’t working report them to Transport Management Centre on 131 700 and then press option 4.

Sometimes there are Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) to help guide you in the right direction.  

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

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