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Road Safety

The Smart and Safe program is an initiative of the Flagstaff Group aimed at providing information and resources to improve safe travel on the roads for people living with a disability.  People living with disabilities are often unable to engage in society because of existing barriers.  One major concern is safety on the roads.  This project aims to provide the knowledge and resources to navigate the problems of commuting to places they need to go.

Take the safety pledge

My safety pledge.

I agree to:

  • Be safe when on the road
  • Watch the road not my mobile
  • Stay to the speed limit when I drive
  • Not drink alcohol or take drugs when driving
  • Take care of my mates when we are driving or walking on the road
  • Not distract the driver
  • Get a lift or taxi if I am tired or not in the mood to drive
  • Cross the road at a crossing or at the lights
  • Look left and right and take my time when crossing the road.
Communication Board


There are many types of disability that need to be considered when providing resources for the community to reduce accidents on the roads.  People with physical disability, intellectual disability, anxiety disorder, trauma and many other conditions can consider different situations as barriers and these need to be addressed.  By using an appropriate medium such as a communication board for a non-verbal individual or providing an “Easy English” version of a document to an individual with a learning impairment, we can increase awareness.  Download our resources here.

Cool Stuff

Learn about road safety in a fun and engaging way.  Quizzes, puzzles, games and word searches can make learning about safety rules easier. 

We can make road signs more familiar with a matching game or teach road safety rules by questions and answers where the right and wrong answers are explained.

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The Flagstaff Group

The Flagstaff Group provides life skills and work for people with a disability in a supportive and inclusive environment. As a social enterprise, Flagstaff runs business units that offer employment opportunities and skill development for people with disabilities.

As a registered NDIS provider, Flagstaff offers programs and supports for people with an intellectual, acquired or physical disability.   

We celebrate abilities and work with everyone to meet their job and life skills.  Visit

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Thanks for taking the Safety Pledge.