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Bicycle and Scooter Safety

Safety Tips
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Don’t drink and ride
  • Check your bicycle over especially if you haven’t used it for some time (see The Bike Safety Checklist)
  • If you are cycling after dusk or before dawn, make sure you have headlights or unobstructed reflectors.  Better yet, avoid riding in the dark.
  • Use a bell to warn others
  • Wear bright clothing, or a high viz vest.
  • Keep left.  Ride in the same direction as the traffic
  • Be alert and focused.  Don’t text, listen to music or use anything that can distract you.
  • Watch out for stones and debris on the road
  • Don’t ride in floodwaters, you may be unable to see open grates or portholes.
  • As a cyclist you are sharing the road and must be familiar with the road rules
  • Use hand signals when making a turn
  • Be extra careful when entering traffic, make sure you look around and check your rear view mirror.
  • Always have a bike lock with you in case you need to use the bathroom
  • Walk the bike across the road
  • Both hands on the handlebars
  • If you are on a scooter, avoid steep hills
  • Electric Scooters can be dangerous. Slow down when there are pedestrians around.
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ABC's of Bike Safety
A for AIR
  • Check your tyres for pressure.  
  • Squeeze the tyre, it should feel hard.  If it gives even a little bit, it needs some air.
  • Check if your brakes are gripping
  • Check that the levers are adjusted with enough clearance when fully engaged
  • Clean your disks and pads
  • Inspect the chain for damage and wear.
  • maintain your chain by giving it a clean with some solvent and lubricate it after cleaning.
What to do if you are involved in a cycling accident:
  • Exchange details with the driver that hit you.  You will need :
    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact details
    • Car rego number
    • Name of insurer
      Note:  if the driver refuses, you should call police.
  • Seek medical attention
  • Document your injuries
  • Take photos of the car and your bike if it has been damaged.
  • You may lodge a claim with the driver if he was negligent. 

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