Bicycle Safety Checklist

Solve the fun drag and drop bicycle safety checklist below.

Check your bike before you ride

  • Test inflation by squeezing the tyre firmly
  • Look at the valves and check that they are perpendicular to the rim and not leaning towards one side or the other
  • Check for bulges on the tyre and the wear
  • If they constantly need inflating, they may need replacement
Chain & Crank
  • Check that the chain turns smoothly without jumping.
  • Check for rust and loose links
  • Check that is not caked with dust or too greasy.
  • Turn the crank a few full turns to make sure the gears and crank are aligned and that the chain does not off the derailleur
  • Check that the pads are not worn
  • Test that the caliper arms are returning fully
  • Fit your helmet properly
  • If you have had crash damage on your helmet get a new one

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