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How to get a license in NSW if you have a disability

If yoLearning to drive?u have a disability, you may be able to get your license and will be given a fair opportunity to demonstrate your driving ability in a standard driving test. You must declare on your application that you have a disability.

After completing the theory, your disability driving test will take into account your capabilities and any aids or vehicle modifications you need to drive.

If you have a serious disability and apply for a licence you will be asked to provide a medical report from your doctor. This is to make sure NSW Roads and Maritime is fully aware of the condition, and so your doctor can recommend any specific licence restrictions, vehicle modifications or further assessments.

The Flagstaff Group has a learner driver course specific for people with disabilities.  For more information visit –

To progress through the NSW licensing scheme and get a full licence, you need to pass theory and practical tests.

Transport for NSW offers three endorsed logbook apps to record your driving times and track and submit your logbook hours. 

They are available on your App Store or at

The apps calculate the 120 driving hours required and ensure you have completed 20 learning goals. Or you can complete a paper logbook.

You can practice your NSW learner driver test here –

Licence Stages

There are three licencing stages you need to pass through before gaining your full licence

  • Learner Licence
  • Provisional Licence, stage 1 (P1 –red)
  • Provisional Licence, stage 2 (P2 – green)

New drivers will have at least 36 months of experience and have passed four tests before finally graduating to full licence.

Note: If you are aged 25 or over you do not need to complete 120 hours of driving or hold your learner’s licence for 12 months.

Steps to Getting Your Licence
Getting your Ls
Getting your L's

To get your learner licence, you must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • prove your identity
  • pass an eyesight test
  • pay the licence and test fees, unless you’re eligible for a concession.

You will then need to complete five steps to get your full licence.

  1. Pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT). This gets you a learner licence (Ls)
  2. Pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) Once you’ve held your learner licence for at least 10 months. Learner drivers aged 25 and over are exempt from the 10-month requirement – if you’re 25 or over you can do the HPT when you’re ready.
  3. Pass the Driving Test. After you have held your learner licence for 12 months and completed 120 hours minimum of driving practice and recorded it in your Learner Driver Logbook This gets you a provisional P1 licence – your red Ps. If you’re 25 or over you’re exempt from the 12-month driving practice and logbook requirement and can do the driving test when you’re ready.
  4. Hold your P1 licence for at least 12 months, and you can apply for a P2 licence – your green Ps.
  5. Hold your P2 licence for at least 24 months, and you can apply for an unrestricted licence. Provisional P2 drivers who receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour must stay on their P2 licence for an extra six months for every suspension they receive.

Having Your L’s- Leaners Licence

When you are on your L’s and learning you must follow the following rules:

  • Blood Alcohol and drug Concentration must be ZERO
  • Maximum speed limit = 90km/hr.
  • L plates must be displayed on the front and the back of the car
  • You cannot learn to drive for a higher Licence class
  • You must be supervised by a fully licenced driver with an Australian Licence
  • You must not tow a trailer or any other vehicle
  • You are restricted to driving an automatic if you tested on one
  • You must not use any function of a mobile phone whilst driving. This includes hands-free, a loudspeaker and maps

You must carry your licence on you (in your wallet or a digital license) at all times

Getting your P's

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